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Our stakeholders must have confidence in Syngenta for our business to remain successful. We can only maintain their trust if we act – and are seen to act – in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Our Code of Conduct is a key part of our compliance framework. It demonstrates our commitment to build and maintain trust in Syngenta, and to integrate our business, social and environmental responsibilities in everything we do.

Every Syngenta employee is expected to know and understand the Code and apply it without exception. The Code covers the following areas:

■ Compliance with law
■ Competition law
■ Bribery and corruption
■ Securities trading (insider dealing)
■ Health, safety and environment 

Business integrity

■ Advertising, sales and marketing practices
■ Offering and accepting gifts, services and entertainment
■ Political contributions
■ Lobbying
■ Dealing with oppressive regimes
■ Animal testing
■ Contractual obligations and standards of documentation
■ Conflicts of interest

■ Environmental impact
■ Biological diversity
■ Communities
■ Stakeholder communications

Science, products and property rights 
■ Research and development
■ Product safety, quality and stewardship
■ Asset protection
■ Intellectual property rights


■ Labor rights
■ Discrimination and harassment
■ Diversity